How to check your D4 form before you send it to DVLA


It is very important that your licence application and the D4 form are filled in correctly. DVLA require the applicant to check the D4 form to be sure it has been fully filled in and you have to confirm in writing that you have checked the form.


To make this easy for you, you can check your form against our sample form by clicking the link.


Check your D4 form now


There are some things you need to remember when you look at the way the sample form has been filled in:


Our sample shows the up-to-date version of the form which is 11/15. You can find the version number right down at the bottom of the front page. If you have an earlier version, it is better if you can replace it with the current version before you come. Ask the people who gave it to you. They can easily get a supply of up-to-date forms free from DVLA.


Our sample only shows the way it would be filled in for someone who was completely "normal". We can't do a sample form for every medical condition so if you have declared some medical history please remember that your form will look different.


You will find two versions of the Vision page. One version shows the answers if you need to wear glasses, and the other version shows the answers if you don't need to wear glasses. Please remember the actual numbers will probably be different in your case.


The front page needs to be filled in with your details, and you need to print your name and date of birth on the bottom of every page. On page 7 the doctor needs to complete section 10 and on page 8 you need to sign and date inside the box.